about us

We have always dreamed of a comfortable bed with an upholstered headboard, but all the available solutions were either too expensive or didn't match our style. Disappointed with what the market had to offer, we decided to buy a simple and inexpensive bed frame and make our own DIY headboard. It wasn’t easy to pick one favorite color so eventually we bought several pieces of fabrics in different colors, draped them over six rectangular modules and put them all together. The result was so great that we decided to improve it and we asked the help of Maja, an engineer with expertise in sales. For several months we worked on the design of our modular headboards. Once the design was finished we started searching for the most interesting fabrics, and negotiating with suppliers. In the end, we created products which we ourselves would choose for everyday use in our homes. Made for bed products are designed for creative people who value quality and comfort. If you are dreaming of a comfortable bed with an upholstered headboard, made for bed modular headboards should be your first choice.